The aim of the mobile support units is to bring necessary business services to entrepreneurs in communities that are under-resourced and not able to sustain permanent offices from where they can receive such support.

The units are equipped with computers, printers, Wi-Fi, convenient mobile tables & chairs as well as much needed shade under large gazebos, popped up over the service counter in the back of the unit. For power, this unit has a powerful battery, which lasts up to five hours when fully charged.  (A back-up diesel generator is available in the unit as needed).

Services from the unit: Through fundraising efforts by Angels Resource Centres, we can offer some services free of charge and others at much discounted rates. Services include registering a business, tax compliance, bookkeeping, CSD and CIDB registrations, ordering of business stationery such as flyers, business cards, posters and branding and more.  We can take orders for office stationery and equipment and act as a small courier service.  Administrators assist with completion of documents, typing of CVs and other PC-related tasks.  Often business mentors travel with the unit and offer free business counselling and advice.

DE AAR SOLAR POWER  – Mobile Unit One – Northern Cape

Currently the local Angels Resource Centre in De Aar is the custodian of the first mobile unit, which supplies business support services to selected communities in the DASP impact zone. The services are delivered through the locally owned Social Franchise: Business e-Zone  De Aar.

The current mobile unit was sponsored by DASP and unveiled on 05 March in Hanover, Northern Cape. It has been very active and received with great curiosity in each of the towns visited.

A full schedule of where the unit will be each month is published on a calendar on and advertised in the community through word of mouth,  flyers and Facebook events.

Solar Capital De Aar 3 – Mobile Unit Two

De Aar based Angels Resource Centre NPO is the custodian of this mobile unit, which supplies business support services to communities across the Northern Cape. The services are delivered through the locally owned Social Franchise: Business e-Zone De Aar.

The mobile unit was sponsored by SCDA3 and unveiled on 24 August 2020 in De Aar, Northern Cape and currently serving the greater Northern Cape.

Do you want to sponsor a unit as part of your ED, SeD or CSI commitments?  Contact our sales team for more  information.